We bridge science, society and creative industries to build new ways of funding and conducting research in the open.

Open Science means open approaches to all steps of research cycle, that is ideation, funding, research process, discussion, publication and peer review.

What is Open Science Foundation?

About the Foundation

OSF was founded by Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences in response to growing interest in open science that hasn't been met by appropriate tools and services...

Our mission

It's not only about technical stuff. When we say we bridge science, society and creative industries we really mean that. For example we have catalyzed collaboration between members of our board...

Our projects

While there are plenty of isolated solutions, none of the existing tools captures the full spectrum of open science in the research cycle. Therefore we bridge them into...

Meet our team

Dr Paweł Szczęsny

President of the Foundation

With years of experience regarding open science, Paweł is naturally responsible for core strategy of the Foundation.

Dr Małgorzata Perycz

Professionally singing professional neurobiologist. Overlooking research projects and managing communication of OSF.

Adam Liwiński

Independent manager, TEDxWarsaw organizer and speakers’ coach. Responsible for logistics and project management.